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Welcome. My name is Dan Joseph Cavicchio. I'm an executive recruiter, licensed psychotherapist, and the author of Career Psychology. If you're exploring career paths, applying for jobs, opening a small business, or simply looking to increase your enjoyment of your work, you may find some helpful information in the book.

This website features the complete 295-page edition of Career Psychology. After the introduction below, you can move through the chapters in order—or flip to different sections using the table of contents. If you would prefer to read a paperback or Kindle version, you can find them here: paperback or Kindle.

One of my primary goals is to help people increase their career fulfillment and happiness at work. If you find the material helpful, I invite you to share this site with others who may be interested. I hope that you enjoy Career Psychology.


Let me begin this book by introducing myself.

For the past twenty years I have worked as an executive and technical recruiter, helping companies to find employees. I have written job ads, cold-called candidates, negotiated salaries, and smoothed out bumps in order to close employment deals.

That's my day job.

At night, I run a private practice as a licensed counselor and psychotherapist, specializing in career counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. I have helped people explore career options, write resumes, start businesses, and deal with work-related stress, anxiety, and interpersonal conflicts.

My two worlds never cross. I never, for example, recruit a counseling client into a job I'm trying to fill. But I have worked on both sides of the employment table, and have seen things from the different perspectives.

My goal in writing this book is to support you in your own career journey. Perhaps you are looking for your first job. Or you might be seeking a more fulfilling type of work. Maybe you're considering a switch to self-employment. In this book, I'll offer assistance for those situations and more.

Making your way through the world of work can be challenging at times. I know the sense of pressure and isolation that many jobs involve. I know how unsettling it can be to leave a career path, and feel cast adrift. I know what it's like to set up a business, give it your all, and have it struggle to stay afloat.

I also know what it's like to find a career that simply feels right—a career that brings fulfillment while making a positive impact on the world. My aim is to help you find that.

In this book, I'll share both psychological tools and practical information about navigating the work world. Whether you're at the beginning of your career, making a change of direction, or simply looking for next steps along an established path, I will try to offer assistance.

You're welcome to bounce around in this book. If you would like help with job searching or resume writing, feel free to jump ahead to those chapters. If self-employment is of interest, you can begin by reading that part.

I've covered a variety of career-related subjects, and followed each with a series of questions and answers. However, you may not need assistance with all of these topics. Please flip through this book as you see fit.

One of the top "interview techniques" that I recommend to my clients is to draw on personal stories when building a relationship. Personal experiences are humanizing, and help to form connections.

In the spirit of that, let me begin this book by sharing a few brief stories about my own early work history.

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A Bit About Me